To fully understand the excellence of a G.R.P. garment it is necessary to become smaller and smaller and to examine its details.
Any jacket, sweater, waistcoat and coat we produce is an exceptional invitation to travel far away in search of an undiscovered world, a travel that starts from Australia and Great Britain where the most prestigious raw materials come from.
A travel to discover oneself, without forgetting to be respectful to other people, relaxed in warm and comfortable garments which are always cool and provide a sort of a perfect, lasting and distinctive armor.

Details such as button with the 4 drill holes in a variety of woods, hand-sewn with technique named “Florence Lily” reveal the intense care and ambitious choices of style.

We choose the best quality yarns in the world such as Supergeelong, Australian, Merino and Lambswool, American and Peruvian Pima cottons and linen.